Theme park riders are stuck on roller coaster for TWO HOURS

Dozens theme park riders are stuck on roller coasters for two hours in 80F degree heat after power cut

  • Power lost after vehicle hit a power pole at Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio
  • A third of the park’s rides affected, including the Millennium Force roller coaster
  • Pictures show people stranded while riding the 300ft tall roller coaster 
  • Crews worked to restore power to a section of the park, getting them to safety  

A power outage at an amusement park in Ohio left dozens of riders stranded on a roller coaster and other rides for about two hours.

A spokesman for Cedar Point in Sandusky says the park lost power Monday afternoon when a car hit a utility pole.

Photos and video shared on social media by people at the park along Lake Erie show riders stuck on a train going up the 300-foot-tall Millennium Force roller coaster.

Visitors to the Cedar Point amusement park’s Millennium Force roller coaster found themselves stranded by the power cut

Dozens of riders were stuck in the 80F heat for around two hours until crews restored power to part of the park, allowing them to be rescued 

Crews worked to restore power to a portion of the park to get riders back down to safety.

Cedar Point spokesman Tony Clark told the Toledo Blade that a section of the park lost power at roughly 1:45 pm, affecting roughly one-third of the park’s rides, and was restored at 3.50pm.

‘The outage was caused by a vehicle accident in which a car struck a power pole,’ he said.

He explained that all of the rides that were affected safely came to a stop and all guests were escorted off. 

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