Thousands left without water after burst pipeline in south west London

Shoppers fight over water bottles after a major pipeline burst near Hampton Court Palace cuts off the supply to thousands of families

  • Thames Water engineers on scene after pipe burst at water works in Hampton 
  • Local schools have reportedly closed as a result, alongside several businesses 
  • All-weather fixture due to be held at Kempton Racecourse has been cancelled
  • Company has apologised to those affected, saying it’s working to restore supply
  • **Have you been affected? Get in touch using [email protected]** 

Shoppers are fighting over bottled water after a major pipeline burst near Hampton Court Palace – cutting off supply to thousands of families in south and west London.

Thames Water engineers are at the scene, desperately trying to restore water supplies after a pipe burst at their water works in Hampton, south west London.

But the situation has led to supermarkets being almost cleared out of their bottled water supply, and reports of ‘fighting’ over what little that is left.  

Local schools have also reportedly closed as a result. As have leisure centres and other businesses affected by the water outage. 

Marcus Garvey took to Twitter to share an image of empty shelves at Waitrose in Twickenham. Much of the bottled water had been taken due to the burst pipe

The pipeline is reported to have burst near Hampton Court Palace in south west London 

Writing on Twitter, a local by the name of Heather, said warned that vulnerable people should not miss out on the bottled water. 

She said: ‘People have already been fighting over bottled water at my local supermarket.

‘So much for the Blitz spirit, it’s survival of the fittest. Remember your housebound and vulnerable neighbours.’

While Marcus Garvey asked: ‘Water aisle in Twickenham Waitrose. What kind of compensation are you going to give everyone Thames Water?’

Peter Gush, also from the area, said: ‘After being flooded on Monday, Hampton (and a large swathe of South West London) are without water. 

‘The middle classes have cleared Waitrose out of water. We managed to get a few small bottles.  

‘It’s own brand and not Evian, but in times of crisis we all have to make sacrifices.’

And Neda Tootoonchi, who runs an events company, tweeted a picture of her local supermarket bereft of any bottled water at all. 

She wrote: ‘No water in the whole of Teddington, Richmond, Twickenham, Hampton and Sunbury. This is the current situation.’      

Locals have taken to Twitter to complain about fighting in supermarkets over the bottled water (above and below)

Dozens of other enraged locals have taken to social media to ask when supplies will be restored. Many raising concern over the length of time it is taking to restore running water.

Writing on Twitter, one said: ‘Water has been off for more than three hours and we have four children under three and a half years old in our home today.’

While another wrote: ‘[Water] down to a drip. Please let us know how long this is likely to take. Surely you should be sorting out logistics for water delivery sooner rather than later?’  

Thames Water has responded to the online concerns, saying that should supplies not be restored soon bottled water will be distributed.

It tweeted: ‘We’re sorry to anyone whose water supply has been affected by a burst on a large pipe at our water works in Hampton.

‘A team of engineers are there investigating and we have more experts planning how to get water back on for our customers as soon as we possibly can.’ 

Thames Water addressed concerns online, tweeting an apology to those affected. It said it is working to restore supply as soon as possible

Hampton Court Palace has been affect by the leak, but at present plans to remain open. Historic Royal Palaces tweeted to confirm the news. 

It said: ‘Please note that Hampton Court Palace has been affected by a water leak in the area. At present, the palace remains open, and the HCP Festival will go ahead tonight. 

‘We have contingency plans in place and will be monitoring the situation – keep an eye on our feed for updates.’    

An all-weather fixture due to be held at Kempton Racecourse has however been cancelled following the water supply issue. Clerk of the course Barney Clifford had to call off proceedings.

He said: ‘We were notified at around 9am that there was a major water burst in the Hampton Court area.

‘We have very slow or no running water and with Thames Water unable to provide a timeline of when it will be rectified, we’ve unfortunately had to abandon racing due to both equine and human welfare.

‘We have very little running water and we will run out before too long as things stand. We did manage to store some water for the horses that arrived overnight.

‘There is plenty of water coming out of the skies, but unfortunately nothing coming out of the taps.’

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