Three-legged dog can enjoy walkies again with new prosthetic paw

Man’s best spend! Three-legged dog can enjoy walkies again with the help of new prosthetic paw

  • Vets discovered a tumour in the foot of miniature Schnauzer Freddie, aged 10
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A three-legged dog has been given a new lease of life thanks to a prosthetic paw.

Miniature Schnauzer Freddie, who is ten years old, competed in agility competitions before his career was ended when vets discovered a tumour in his forefoot.

His owner Bob Boyle, 70, from Cambridgeshire, was warned Freddie may die unless the talented pooch had the limb amputated. 

Freddie then went under the knife at Linnaeus-owned Davies Veterinary Specialists in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, in December in what was one of the first operations of its kind in the UK.

Just weeks after his procedure, Freddie was back on all fours with his new high-tech paw.

Miniature Schnauzer Freddie with his new prosthetic limb 

Before vets discovered a tumour in his forefoot, ten-year-old Freddie competed in agility competitions

The prosthetic is strapped around the elbow joint of Freddie’s leg which allows him to bound around like he used to before the surgery.

Heartwarming videos show Freddie playing football again and going for walkies while undergoing intensive physiotherapy sessions.

Asked about his miniature Schnauzer, Mr Boyle said: ‘We first thought Freddie had either jarred his paw or that a grass seed had worked its way in.

‘When we learnt what was wrong, we were incredibly shocked and concerned as Freddie is very sociable and confident with other dogs and people, so we were worried about the effect this would have on him.

‘However, following the successful operation and after just four to five weeks of using the prosthetic he was walking, trotting and running around on his walks.’

Having the prosthetic limb fitted over a partial amputation meant preserving Freddie’s four limbs for function over being a tripawd, which is the term for a three-legged dog or cat.

Diane Messum, Head of Physiotherapy at Davies, said: ‘Freddie has been the perfect patient from the very first day.

Freddie undergoes rehabilitation at Linnaeus-owned Davies Veterinary Specialists in Hitchin

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‘Whilst many dogs will lead a fulfilled life on three limbs, it is not without the body undergoing numerous biomechanical changes in order for them to walk and run independently.

‘After several conversations with Freddie’s oncologist Luca Schiavo, soft tissue surgeon Alberto Sesana and his owners, the surgery was planned very carefully and was successfully completed.

‘The surgical wound needed time to heal before Freddie returned for his limb casting, from which the prosthesis would be made, and for which he stayed perfectly still for.

‘Freddie may not have liked it when the prosthesis was initially applied or removed, but after lots of reassurance and treats, he now associates it with a limb that can give him the freedom to explore with his sister, Gertie.

‘He has learnt to walk and trot again similarly to how he walked prior to his amputation and his skills now even include football.’

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