Tinder lad congratulated for ‘good save’ after trying out Christian chat-up line

A Tinder lad attempted to use a Christian pick up line on a Jewish girl and has been congratulated on how smoothly he switched up his lines.

The bloke who is being congratulated by Reddit users, matched with a girl named Debbie and decided to hit her up with a religious pick up line.

He wrote: "I handed out brochures to the homeless teaching them about Jesus. So my one-way ticket to heaven is secured."

But it didn't go as smooth as he hoped as Debbie replied: "I'm Jewish."

That didn't deter the bloke though, as he joked, "Ooops! I meant I went around and circumcised the homeless people," followed by a heart-eyed emoji.

A screenshot of the chat was posted to Reddit 7 hours ago and has been voted up over 20k times.

Over 280 comments were also left on the post, congratulating the man on his smoothness.

Cpt_umtree said: "Good save, bro 10/10."

Diamondsam2 wrote: "I'd die to learn such composure."

"Don't Jewish ya boyfriend was smooth like me," DeadAsmodeus added.

Elsewhere on Reddit, a Tinder bio went viral for all the wrong reasons when a profile was created of a pregnant woman looking for "as much fun as possible" before she marries her fiancé.

Despite describing her fiancé as a "wonderful man", Gwen, 26, wrote: "First things first, I am pregnant at the moment but I don’t let that stop me from having fun.

"Second thing; I’m engaged to a wonderful man who doesn’t know I’m on here (getting married March of 2022).

"I’m looking to see how much fun I can have before my wedding next year."

She went on: "I’m also intrigued to see if you could attempt to steal me from my fiancé."

Singletons were far from impressed with the bio.

A fellow Tinder user decided to screenshot her page and share it on Reddit’s "Trashy" forum, where Gwen was slammed.

One commenter said: "What an absolute piece of c**p. Hope he dumps her and takes the kid from her."

Another wrote: "I feel bad for the guy. These kinds of things really suck."

And a third added: "This is just sad."

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