Toddler killer Kamran Haider, 39, jailed for life for murder of 16-month child

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An unlicensed dog breeder who brutally murdered a 16-month old toddler has been jailed for life.

On Monday (March 28), Kamran Haider, 39, was found guilty of cruelly murdering Nusayba Umar by causing catastrophic brain injuries on September 13, 2019.

According to prosecutors at the Old Bailey, Nusayba's cause of death was "violent shaking" and impact.

Haider has a history of violence towards women and children and has now been handed a life sentence with a minimum 20-year term.

Mum Asiyah Amazir said in an emotional victim impact statement: "There are also the more obvious effects of this awful crime committed against my daughter.

Things like I will never get to see her grow up, hear her 1st full sentence, see her 1st day at school, her first tooth loss, her 1st proper tantrum and all the other beautiful milestones that a mother witnesses throughout her children’s lives."

Judge Cheema-Grubb said: “The child was defenceless and could not complain about what was happening against her.
"Like other babies, she was dependent on those caring for her – that included Kamran Haider.”

Whilst she noted that Haider had “no intention to kill” to the infant, he was aware of her previous head injuries and had intended to cause serious harm to the little girl.

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