Toddler uses her toy owl as a tango partner in adorable clip

Delightful moment little girl joins couples doing the Tango by breaking into a dance with her stuffed owl

  • Solal Croguennec looked delighted as she grabbed toy owl from pram to tango
  • Toddler, from New York City, lifts owl to shoulder height to copy other dancers
  • Adorable twenty month old twirls around before stopping and giggling with joy 

The rhythm of the music can grab anyone at any moment, and for one little girl not even the lack of a partner could stop her from dancing. 

Toddler Solal Croguennec decided she could do the tango on her own with a little help from her stuffed friend in this adorable video.

In the clip, the twenty month old is seen watching two older couples tango dancing with eager curiosity.

Solal, who lives in New York City with her mother Talia Matz, then realises what she has to do to join in and quickly races over to her pram.

Pulling out her toy owl, the little girl raises the stuffed animal high into the air before moving away from the pram.

She even looks back at the other dancers before holding it at shoulder height as if to copy them.

Perfect dance partner: Adorable toddler Solal Croguennec dancing the tango with her fluffy toy owl

As she holds the owl she begins to twirl in time with the music, looking absolutely delighted with herself.

Finally the toddler stops and giggles before looking at her mother for approval.  

Solal enjoying the sunshine with her 38-year-old mother Talia

Born to dance: The active youngster playing at her home in New York City

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