Top doc Fauci missing from White House briefing after criticizing Trump… and concerned Americans ask where he went – The Sun

CONCERNED Americans want to know the whereabouts of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the coronavirus expert who has calmed people's nerves but who also has missed the last two daily briefings.

The infectious disease specalist has often contradicted President Trump during the health crisis, and many have speculated that his role of close advisor may be in jeopardy.

Nearly 50,000 Americans have been infected by the coronavirus, and 600 have lost their lives.

The internet and social media users have spoken – Americans want to see Fauci's face on TV.

"Paging Dr. Fauci … Paging Dr. Anthony Fauci. Please call your office immediately," tweeted former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.

"I’m missing Dr. Fauci," Maria Shriver wrote on Monday.

"Not there yesterday, not there today. He was the one that made me feel reassured, he was the one that made me feel safe. Where is he? I need him!"

Another Twitter user wrote Monday: "Will the press in the @WhiteHouse briefing room commit malpractice for the second day in a row by not asking the only question that matters: WHERE IS DR. FAUCI ???"

Fauci reemerged today and said that Trump has an "awesome responsibility."

"I just give public health advice completely clean, unconnected with anything else. He has to factor in other things," Fauci said, according to WMAL.

"It's a delicate balancing act, which the president is trying to get it right, and we're under very intense discussing right now about what the most appropriate timeline is," Dr. Fauci said.

Fauci has criticized Trump on occasion and disagreed with him, including about a malaria drug that the president feels could be a "game-changer."

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease said there is no such thing as a miracle drug.

Fauci told Maureen Dowd of the New York Times over the weekend that he does not want to "embarrass" Trump.

“I don’t want to act like a tough guy, like I stood up to the president," he said.

"I just want to get the facts out.”

President Trump insisted that the country would be "back in business" soon during a Monday press briefing.

Dr. Fauci stressed the importance of learning from countries such as Italy, who are struggling with the affects of the disease and shortages of medical supplies and hospital beds.

He said the US mitigation of coronavirus is working, but it's impossible to measure right now because the qualitative data takes time.

Dr. Fauci added that the upcoming warmer weather will allow for a decrease in the spread of the deadly virus, but how much is unknown as it is "uncharted territory."

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