Topless drunk stumbles down residential street breaking walls in broad daylight

A topless drunk has been filmed damaging a series of garden walls while stumbling down a street and continuing to swig from a can of beer.

The man was filmed just before lunchtime on Friday walking down a quiet street in Hull while trying to cause damage to properties.

The anti-social walker then got into an argument with the man who tried to film his destruction, Hull Daily Mail reports .

Darren, who filmed the footage and posted it on the a local crime watch Facebook page, said: “He has no respect for anyone or anything.

“He’s a nuisance, I ended up swearing at him because he had a go at me for filming.

“It made me so angry seeing him cause criminal damage for no reason. I know it’s not a nice street but they probably like the wall the way it was.

“I think the video will annoy a lot of people – especially taxpayers.”

The footage comes just days after a homeowner in the area revealed how she regularly has to confront street drinkers who deal drugs and defecate near her house.

Eluned Harewood, 64, said the group usually start drinking at 7am after loading up on cheap beer and small bottles of spirits from nearby mini-marts.

They then spend the rest of the day drinking – sometimes into the early hours of the morning with drug dealers also prominent.

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