Topless XR protester jokes she would ‘not wear a boring suit’ if she was PM

A topless Extinction Rebellion protester claims she would "not wear a boring suit to work" if she was prime minister.

Blonde bombshell Laura Amherst had previously told the Daily Star she had her sights set on becoming the UK's first-ever topless PM.

Now the activist has doubled down on her claims as she called out Boris Johnson for his perceived lack of action for the environmental issues that she champions.

Uploading a picture of herself wearing a skimpy outfit and sporting a pink wig to Instagram, Laura wrote: "If I WAS prime minister of the UK, I certainly wouldn't wear a boring suit to work!"

She went on to list a number of changes she would make, including creating climate and CO2 targets, planting more trees and investing more in children, before signing off by tagging Mr Johnson in the tweet.

Laura has hit the headlines in 2021 for her scantily-clad protesting.

The Extinction Rebellion activist has been spotted out and about with her top off supporting climate change causes.

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The mum-of-one is aiming to raise awareness about the impact of climate change on the planet and has previously vowed to go on a "boob world tour".

Laura has also stripped off several times on Instagram to promote her cause, and has even launched her own OnlyFans page to raise money for XR, Greenpeace and animal sanctuaries.

This caused her to hit back at anyone "upset" about her taking her top off to raise money for charity online.

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She said: "I've lost a few followers today, so I'm sure some people are upset/annoyed that I'm doing the sexy site and I apologise, I don't want to offend anyone.

"Not there that is anything wrong with porn, but I'm not doing porn just boobies and implies nudes!

"And it's not a 'marketing/pr ploy….it's a way to raise money for organisations that really need it, in a way that I really enjoy.

"As I mention in my OF, getting sexy and helping to save the planet are my 2 favourite things."

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Speaking to the Daily Star, the politics student said she wouldn't mind being PM if she could choose what to wear – or not to wear.

Laura, who is aiming to make politics more "accessible" with her topless antics, said: "I would love to be Prime Minister. I'd love to do it topless, it would certainly be a different look.

"I don't think people should be stigmatised for expressing themselves.

"Politicians need to make drastic changes. We've really been let down."

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