Transgender teen gang-raped on first night out as a woman

Transgender teen, 17, who was ‘gang-raped by three men on her first night out as a woman escapes by biting one attacker’s penis’ in Belgium

  •  17-year-old had been partying at Antwerp’s Red & Blue Gay club with two friends
  • A 34-year-old man began to harass her and tried to bundle her into a taxi
  • She was moved to another district where she ‘was raped by three men in turns’
  • Local media reported she bit the attacker’s penis to escape  

A transgender teen has told police she was gang-raped by three men on her first night out as a female, only managing to escape by biting one of the men on the penis.

Public prosecutors in the Belgian city of Antwerp have indicted three men after they allegedly raped the 17-year-old.

The teenager went out with two friends to the Red & Blue gay club in Antwerp on June 22 last year where she was allegedly harassed by a 34-year-old man.

The transgender teen was spending her first night out as a woman with two friends at the Red & Blue gay club (pictured) when she was harassed by a 34-year old man who groped her and tried to throw her into a taxi

When the teenager went outside to get some fresh air, the man and two accomplices aged 24 and 25 allegedly followed her and put her in a taxi while she was confused about what was happening.

In the taxi, the 24-year-old suspect allegedly began to grope her. The trans teen tried to push him away, but was too weak to restrain him.

She was then brought to a flat in the Deurne district of Antwerp where the 24-year-old lived where she was raped in turns by the three men, according to local media.

The victim managed to escape after biting one of the men on his penis, according to local media.

The victim’s lawyer said: ‘My client is transgender. That night was the first time she went out as a female, something which makes the facts more severe’.

The lawyer has demanded damages of 7,850 EUR (£7,052) to be paid by the three alleged perpetrators.

Meanwhile, prosecutors have demanded prison sentences of six years for the three suspects.

The trans teen was then moved from the club to the Deurne district where three men took it in turns to rape her. She only escaped by biting one of the men on the penis. The accused have now admitted that the sexual acts took place but said they were consensual

The suspects initially told the cops that they were not in the Red & Blue club and also denied having any contact with the victim, although they changed their story after the police confronted them with DNA evidence found on her body which matched theirs, according to reports.

The lawyer of the 34-year-old man said: ‘My client no longer denies that sexual acts happened, but they did not happen against the victim’s will.’

The other two suspects also denied raping the teen, saying that the sex was consensual. 


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