Trio of dolphins appear to 'giggle' as they feed in the shallows

Some-fin to smile about? Trio of happy-looking dolphins appear to ‘giggle’ as they feed in the shallows in South Carolina

  • Trio of dolphins were pictured ‘giggling’ as they fed off islands in South Carolina 
  • The sea-based mammals were strand fishing – a learnt behaviour for dolphins
  • Gayle Bryan, 57, spotted the sea-based mammals while out on a morning kayak  

A trio of dolphins appeared to be having a whale of a time as they worked together to catch their breakfast. 

The amused bottlenose dolphins were ‘strand feeding’ in the Kiawah River between the islands of Kiawah and Seabrook, South Carolina.

Stand feeding sees dolphins purposely beach – or strand – themselves as they herd schools of fish on to the land. 

The charming photos of the ‘giggling’ sea mammals were taken by publisher Gayle Bryan after he had been for a sunrise kayak on the river.

The three chuckling dolphins were pictured fishing for their breakfast on the Kiawah river in South Carolina 

The trio were snapped by publisher Gayle Bryan, 57, who was returning from a breakfast kayak 

The chuckling sea mammals are seen collectively pushing their prey into a smaller space so that the fish are easier to catch. 

‘Strand fishing’ sees groups or individual dolphins herd and trap a variety of fish species such as mullets onto mudbanks, sandbars, or shorelines. 

The style of hunting is passed down from mother to cub, meaning not all dolphins will fish in this way. 

The 57 year old publisher, from Aiken, South Carolina, said: ‘They were strand feeding. I am told it is a learned behaviour and not all dolphins do it.

Not all dolphins can strand fish as the technique is passed down from mother to cub

Mr Bryan said the dolphins looked to be ‘having a blast’ as they appeared to giggle while working to catch their breakfast

‘They make a huge ruckus and work together to coral fish up onto the sand and then gobble them up.

‘They looked like they were having a blast. It was very playful and obviously a team effort.

‘It was one of the most incredible things I have seen in my life.’

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