Truck driver loses a hatchback from his car transporter

Now THAT’s a bad day! Car falls off tow truck before driver rolls backwards smashing into the hatchback and knocking down a tree in Brazil

  • The truck driver failed to secure the small hatchback on the lorry’s flat bed
  • After going around a corner the hatchback fell off the truck and rolled away 
  • The driver then forgot his handbrake when trying to reload the car on his truck
  • The lorry rolled down the hill, crashed into the car before knocking down a tree 

A Brazilian tow truck driver narrowly avoided getting crushed to death by his own lorry moments after the car he was carrying fell from his vehicle. 

The incident, which happened last week in Campinas, Sao Paulo was captured on CCTV which was later uploaded on the internet. 

The footage shows the 7.5 tonne truck bouncing along a cobbled street with the car sitting on the back of its flat bed. 

CCTV footage showed the truck carrying hatchback along a cobbled street in Campinas, Sao Paulo earlier this month

After the truck rounded the corner the car rolled off the back of the lorry and came to rest against the kerb

The truck rolls back down the hill and clips the car after the driver left the cab without securing the handbrake

After taking a corner, the car, which had not been secured by ratchet straps, fell from the rear of the truck and rolled around the corner where it came to rest by a kerb. 

The driver had to wait for more than 30 seconds before he was able to return to the car because of passing traffic. 

The trucker, whose identity is not known, manages to reverse his lorry into position and jumps out of the cab to prepare to drop the rear bed to allow the car to be dragged onto the truck using a winch. 

Unfortunately for the trucker, he forgot to pull the lorry’s handbrake, so after he got out of the cab the lorry began rolling towards the car. 

After swiping the front of the car the track continues down the hill and knocks over a coconut tree

Luckily for the driver, he manages to jump out of the way before being pinned between his vehicle and the car. 

After causing considerable damage to the car, the truck continues rolling down the hill, smashing into a coconut tree which is knocked to the ground.  

 Several people commenting on the footage questioned whether the driver had the appropriate licence for driving such a large vehicle.

He also showed a remarkable ignorance of the laws of physics as he tried use his body to bring his truck to a halt.  

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