Trump Cancels North Korea Summit: Tweets & Memes Explode About Nobel Peace Prize Fail

Trump’s hyped meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un was abruptly canceled, and Twitter can’t stop joking about the failure. See the best tweets and memes about that Nobel Peace Prize he’s not getting.

Whomp whomp. President Donald Trump‘s highly-anticipated (by him) summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was abruptly canceled before it was slated to occur on June 12 in Singapore. In a bizarrely worded open letter to the dictator, Trump said that the summit would no longer be happening because of his apparent “tremendous anger and open hostility” in a recent statement. “I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting.” The rest of Trump’s letter read like someone breaking up with their SO before they could break up with them.

The tweets and memes started coming in as soon as the letter hit Twitter, with many mocking Trump’s previous assertion that the summit would win him the Nobel Peace Prize. Or at least, as he claimed “many people” thought he should get it. Yeah, that’s not happening. Comedian Albert Brooks tweeted, “Breaking news: Trump cancels meeting with North Korea. Nobel committee says he still might get the batshit crazy award.” Another funny guy tweeted, “Sadly, I am going to have to turn down the Nobel Peace Prize, which many people have said I was Sure To Win…It’s a very boring prize anyway.” Another person tweeted a stock photo of a group of people laughing, joking that they were the Nobel Prize committee reacting to Trump’s news.

Others poked fun at Trump’s letter itself. Someone straight up tweeted out the infamous letter from the Zodiac Killer, claiming it was Trump’s. Dude — we all know that’s Ted Cruz‘s territory. Another person wrote out a letter in crayon, riddled with typos: “Deer Kim Jong Kardashian. You are very very mean. I want a Nobel prise and you ruined it! I hate you!” Honestly, they’re not far off.

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