Trump plans to separate families caught illegally crossing the border

The Trump administration is cracking down on families caught crossing the border illegally by separating more parents from their children — and prosecuting the adults, in a new policy set to be announced Monday, according to reports.

Generally, border agents try to keep families together by placing all members together in the same detention center — or they are all released while their applications for asylum are considered, the Wall Street Journal and the LA Times report.

Under the new rules, which Attorney General Jeff Sessions is scheduled to announce in San Diego, parents caught sneaking over the border may be detained while the kids are placed elsewhere — which the administration hopes will deter more families from crossing, anonymous Homeland Security officials tell the papers.

The Times reports that the kids will be placed in a different detention facility, while the Journal says children applying for asylum will be placed with other family members or in shelters.

The policy — which doesn’t apply to families who arrive at official border crossings and apply for asylum — has already been unofficially in effect for a month, with 700 kids separated from their moms and dads since October, according to the Journal.

The Justice Department has been beefing up the number of prosecutors it has at the border ahead of Monday’s announcement, the Journal reports.

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