Tucker Carlson tipped to go ‘all way to White House’ in 2024 amid Trump election crisis

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Donald Trump has languished in the polls as Joe Biden appears in command of the presidential race. The Democrat has held a consistent 10 point lead according to polls. While President Trump overcame a deficit to win in 2016, Mr Biden currently boasts a larger lead than Hillary Clinton did at this stage last time round. This has led to speculation over who could replace Mr Trump in 2024, with Tucker Carlson emerging as a surprising name to be put forward.

Mr Carlson, known by most in the US as just ‘Tucker’, is a television presenter, political commentator, author, and columnist who has hosted the nightly political talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News since 2016.

He has become famed in the US for tirades against the left, sparking accusations of bigotry from some high profile politicians.

Despite the criticism, his shows have topped ratings records with more than four million viewers a night.

Commentator, Damon Linker, believes he could pose a real threat were he to run in 2024.

He said of Mr Carlson in an 2019 article for This Week: “He’d be uniquely well placed to take this platform all the way to the White House in 2024.”

Former Republican candidate for Congress Vernon Robinson told the Independent last month that “Tucker Carlson will be the Republican nominee” in 2024.

He added that Mr Carlson would “solidify America First” and continue President Trump’s legacy, and that he would be happy to help the Fox News stalwart campaign if he did decide to run.

Mr Robinson continued: “We’re not in the crystal ball business, we’re in the ‘changing objective reality on the ground’ business, and it looks like some of that reality is changing.

“If I have anything to do about it, I will try to create a draft committee to make sure there are shock troops organised.”

Rich Lowry, editor of the conservative National Review, said earlier this year that “no one can dismiss this and say it’s completely implausible”.

Mr Lowry highlighted the huge influence the journalist has within Republican circles.

He said: “There is at the very least a significant faction within the Republican Party that [Mr Carlson] has a huge stake in and arguably leadership over.

“If he has political ambitions, he has an opening. He has a following and a taste for controversy. He’s smart, quick on his feet and personable. Political experience matters less than it once did.”

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However, while many believe the Fox host would be a formidable candidate, Mr Carlson dismissed claims he would ever run for president in August.

The Fox News host told Mediaite’s The Interview podcast that he had “never wanted to be involved” in a move for the presidency, adding that it was “hard to imagine” a country where he would be considered a serious candidate.

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