Twitter name change gets Musk’s site blocked due to county’s adult content laws

Twitter's name change and rebrand may see the Elon Musk-led site blocked in certain country's due to their porn laws.

The radical and controversial rebrand of Twitter to "X" has led to troubles for the site in Indonesia, which banned the social media platform under their pornography and gambling restriction laws.

The country's Ministry of Communication and Informatics said the block has to do with the "" URL, which was previously used to block adult content.

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The ministry's director general of information and public communication, Usman Kansong, says the country has contacted Elon Musk for clarification on the name change.

He said: "Earlier today, we spoke with representatives from Twitter and they will send a letter to us to say that will be used by Twitter."

Currently, Indonesia's reported 24 million Twitter users are unable to access the platform, while MAFINDO fact-checking group founder Aribowo Sasmito said the name "is not too far from XXX".

In turn, there was a "dilemma" in the banning of Twitter following on from its rebrand, and Aribowo believes the ban could be due to a "religious aspect", The Daily Beast reported.

He said: "Those who prefer freedom are against it but if the context is pornography-related, then it is more related to religious aspects since Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world."

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It is not the only popular site to be banned in Indonesia, with the likes of Netflix, Google and Instagram also facing potential blocks should they fail to detail what content appears on their sites.

The ministry gives companies a cut-off date for information on the appearance of content on their sites, and it led to Netflix's four-year ban in the country, which ended in 2020.

TikTok too was briefly banned in the country, with a 2018 ruling later lifted that same year.

Mr Kansong says the ministry are awaiting confirmation from Elon Musk and the Twitter team before they lift the ban.

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