UK flood warning LIVE: ‘Major incident’ declared as town evacuated – 110 alerts in place

Storm Franklin causes flooding across Derbyshire

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Police declared a major incident in Bewdley and Worcestershire, as homes along the River Severn were forced to evacuate over concerns surging waters could flood barriers. There are two severe “danger to life” flood warnings in place for Tuesday, both on the River Severn. There are a further 108 normal flood warnings across the rest of the country. Flood warnings have been issued after Franklin and Eunice killed five people. The freak weather caused power cut misery and travel chaos over the weekend and into Monday. Motorists in North Yorkshire were saved by firefighters after flash floods on the A61 at Harewood Bridge. The Environment Agency has urged people to implement emergency flood defence plans and follow evacuation advice. Train operators have urged people to check their journey before travelling.



  • Where are the severe flood warnings?08:09
  • Where are the severe flood warnings?

    A severe warning means there could be a risk to life and residents are strongly urged to go to family or friends’ homes where possible.

    Council housing officials in the affeceted areas will liaise with residents to help them find emergency accommodation if necessary.

    There is a severe flood warning for the River Severn at the Wharfage in Ironbridge.

    The flood barriers at Ironbridge are operational and have water against them. Therefore the risk remains as the barrier system is a temporary structure, which cannot be guaranteed to perform. The temporary barriers at Ironbridge are forecast to exceed their capacity and potentially overtop today.

    Two years ago, rising waters on the River Severn overtopped Ironbridge’s flood defences.

    There is another severe flood warning for the River Severn at Wribbenhall in Bewdley where river levels in Bewdley are expected to reach between 5m and 5.4m by Wednesday.

    Marc Lidderth, from the Environment Agency, said it had issued the highest level of warning it could for Ironbridge and Bewdley and urged people to “take immediate action to protect yourself and your family”.

     If you feel your life is threatened, please dial 999 for assistance.

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