UK hot weather RETURNS! Sweltering 30C heat to bake Britons once again in just DAYS

BBC Weather: UK set for cooler temperatures and rain

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The UK is just recovering from scorching and unprecedented temperatures which reached 40.3C in Coningsby, Lincolnshire, on July 19. It had prompted a first-of-its-kind red extreme weather warning from the Met Office, with meteorologists blaming climate change for the tropical mercury. Fast-forward to this weekend, and the weather is looking very different, albeit far cooler for all. In the south west, a yellow weather warning sets the tone for thunderstorms, hail and heavy downpours on Friday from 10am to 10pm.

It warns of potential power cuts, disruption to public transport links, and road surface spray making for difficult driving conditions.

Rain is set to remain across the south west and parts of the north sporadically over the weekend.

But in the east, in places including King’s Lynn, Norwich and Cambridge, thermometers could once again soar to 30C on Sunday, July 24.

It will be a far cry from the 39C highs these areas touched earlier this week, but it will be very hot nonetheless.

The Met Office’s outlook for the weekend adds: “Rain spreading to the northwest Saturday, dry elsewhere.

“Hot in the southeast Sunday, cooler elsewhere with occasional showers.

“Sunny spells and showers Monday, heavy rain in the north.”

The meteorological weather model, WX Charts, shows the top temperature that may be reached is 31C by 6pm.

It also shows the south east looking like it will miss any glimpse of rain showers entirely.

That’s, at least, until Monday, July 25, when temperatures will drop to 25C with more scattered showers on the agenda.

Met Office long-range forecasts for next week show some unsettled conditions.

It says: “Outbreaks of rain across the north and west moving south eastwards across the UK on Monday, becoming lighter through the day, with the far southeast probably staying dry.

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“The rest of the week sees sunny spells and further showers, which are expected to be most frequent in the north and west at first.

“Light or moderate winds, but fresh or strong in the northwest.

“Temperatures are generally close to average but cooler in the north and very warm, perhaps hot, in the southeast.”

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