UK snow forecast: Cold weather snap to spark inches of snow – mercury to plunge by 17C

BBC Weather: Cooler temperatures to move across UK

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Forecasters agree the end of March will see a return to poorer conditions after more than a week of sunshine, where rain and snow feature in the UK. Maps and charts see temperatures falling from highs of 19C to 2C in parts of Britain, a drop of 17C.

WXCharts holds that snow will begin to move down from Scotland into the UK by Wednesday.

By midday on Wednesday, light snowfall at 1cm an hour will be seen along England’s north east coast and into Leeds.

Midnight on Thursday sees that front of snow push south, with two inches (5cm) of snow falling over Leeds and just under an inch (2cm) falling over Manchester, while Suffolk and Norwich also see snowfall.

Thursday morning sees the snow front move again, hitting Cardiff, Birmingham and north London.

While the snow pushes south into France by midday, more will fall over the affected areas across the country, albeit lighter at less than 1cm an hour.

Snow depth charts see an inch and a half (3cm) on the ground in Manchester, half an inch in Hertfordshire, three inches (6cm), around Fort William and half an inch in Suffolk and Essex.

Friday at 6am sees most of the snowfall move away from land, and all of the south of England’s snow on the ground melt away.

Meanwhile, Wednesday sees the mercury plummet to 0C across Scotland and England, as snow returns by 9am.

The coldest day of the week is expected to be Thursday, where at 6am -5C conditions will be recorded near Fort William.

Zero degree temperatures will also be seen across the north of England, reaching as far south as Birmingham.

By midday, conditions will be better, but most places will still see cold weather with London and the South East seeing the best temperatures at 5C, while the rest of the UK ranges between 3C and 0C.

Overnight into Friday, temperatures continue to chill alongside wintry weather conditions, with 6am on Friday seeing a widespread freeze across the country with the mercury reading between -2C and 0C across Britain and Ireland.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said above-average summery weather will make way for more wintry conditions.

He said: “We’ll get a taste of most of the seasons within the space of a few days.”

The forecaster added greater cloud cover across central and eastern England will mean temperatures are down a few degrees.

However, Mr Petagna added: “But it’s still pretty good for the time of year.

“The average at the end of March would usually only be 9C or 10C in the north and 10-12C in the south. So it’s still pretty good at the start of the week.”

Mr Petagna also told the Mirror there will be a “more notable change” from midweek, with Thursday looking likely to be “a cold day for most” with highs of between 6C and 11C.

BBC forecaster Darren Bett added: “There are some big changes in the weather pattern on the way but not just yet.

“Temperatures in rural areas will not be far away from freezing.

“There may be a few pockets of frost and fog to start the day across Scotland and Northern Ireland but away from Northern Isles there is set to be more sunshine for Scotland and

Northern Ireland on Friday. Plenty of sunshine for England and Wales.

“Into next week though and this is where we see significant changes not least because we are going to start to see a northerly wind moving down and that will really drop the temperatures.

“As the high recedes early next week we have got the chance of seeing some rain and then that northerly wind arrives it will be much colder by day and also by night.”

The remainder of Sunday and Monday will see milder, but still warm, conditions with London and Edinburgh seeing the mercury read 14C.

However, by Tuesday morning an overnight chill will not give way to clear skies, with cloud cover expected to halve the temperatures in much of the UK.

By midday, most places will see temperatures return to a more seasonable range between 8C and 10C, with the coldest parts expected to be in the north and in Scotland with between 2C and 4C.

A Sunday night and Monday forecast from the Met Office said: “Low cloud and fog becoming more extensive across parts of England and Wales. Clearer skies elsewhere allow a patchy frost and isolated fog patches to form.

“Low cloud and fog clearing to allow warm sunny spells inland for many. A few showers breaking out, mainly across parts of northern England, southern Scotland and north Wales.”

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