UK town besieged by crazy magpies attacking animals including cats and squirrels

A city has been plunged into chaos by swarms of “vicious” magpies who are terrorising locals and cornering pets in bloody attacks.

Stoke-on-Trent has seen an invasion of the psychotic birds that has been dubbed “Magbo” due to a spate of violent incidents.

Residents say they are living in fear with the malicious birds taking no prisoners from rats to squirrels and even cats.

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One terrified woman, Alena Copeland, 34, witnessed a dramatic brawl between a small grey squirrel and a magpie unfolding in her back garden.

She admitted the constant warfare was an "alarming concern" after her 19-year-old cat Christian was also targeted by the birds.

Alena fumed: "We've started having issues with magpies all the time. I work from home so I see all the fights going on.

"People think magpies are these spiritual creatures who bring good omens – but they don't here, they are bullying the other creatures.

"They come and go so quickly and hide in the tree, but they have attacked various forms of nature, whether it's our cat, squirrels, or rats.”

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She accused the evil magpies of “having an agenda” and said they normally team up as a pair to attack.

Poor Alena now has to be always on the lookout for the pesky birds, which she reckons could have changed their behaviour because of the Covid lockdown.

She added: "They are terrorising the neighbourhood and it's like there are dozens of alpha males.

“They are vicious and antagonise the other animals. I'm worried about my 19-year-old cat's life.

"The attacks are on the forefront of my mind so I going to be on the lookout for future ones.

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"I think they are trying to kill the other creatures. They don't back down when they do.”

Her neighbour Sharon Dring, 65, is having a similar problem and claimed: "I walked outside and saw a magpie and a rat fighting on the street. I couldn't believe it.

"They were going at it for ages and not bothering about where they were. I couldn't believe what I was seeing in the middle of a residential area.

"The rat was determined to put up a fight for its life. If they kept pecking at it, they would have killed it but it was a very brave rat."

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