UK weather – Britain braced for heavy downpours as temperatures plummet & gales batter southwest

BRITS have been told to brrrrace for plunging temperatures, rain and strong gales this week.

Showers will sweep across the country for the next few days while strong gales are set to batter the south west on Thursday.

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And Northerners are likely to see the first frost of the season too.

Temperatures have plunged by 10c as the first named storm of the season arrives.

Storm Aiden, an 800 mile wide weather blitz, will bring 65 mile per hour winds and plenty of rain.

And experts have predicted freezing temperatures will arrive shortly afterwards.

Tom Morgan of the Met Office says there's been a "marked change in the weather".

Autumn arrived with a bang on Tuesday, bringing with it an abrupt end to the September heatwave which saw Brits bask on beaches in 25C temperatures.

But as the week goes on, the mercury will drop to just 11C in some areas – below average for this time of year.

Mr Morgan said: "The next few days will be dominated by low pressure, with gales in the south west and rain sweeping across most parts. of the UK."

And the worst weather of the week is likely to take hold today, forecasters have warned.

There'll be gales in south Wales and south-west England, with the "potential for trees to come down".

And on Friday, temperatures will get much cooler.

Mr Morgan's colleague, forecaster Emma Salter, said there's a "big dramatic shift" ahead.

"This time last week we were seeing temperatures peaking at 31c," she said.

"But cooler, fresher air is arriving from the Arctic and temperatures are going to plunge by the weekend."

The low pressure system bringing the wet and windy weather will continue throughout the week.

But by Friday it will be replaced with the colder, northerly chill.

Miss Salter added: "It's going to be pretty cold.

"We're all going to need to reach for our winter woollies.

Rural areas are expected to see temperatures fall to below freezing overnight on Saturday, with -5c possible.

Towns and cities – including Manchester and Newcastle – could also see it drop to minus figures with -1c expected.

It will mean a widespread frost for large swathes of the country.

Earlier this week, forecasters urged sunbathers to make the most of the blast of summer weather.

Crowds flocked to parks and beaches to catch the sunshine, a result of Spain's Subtropical Storm Alpha, which was previously pushing warm air towards Britain.

Temperatures were well above the 18c average for London at this time of year.

But the UK will now be hit by a "polar plume".

A spokesperson said: "Most areas will be seeing showers or longer spells of rain on Thursday.

"There's a risk of hail and thunder in the south."

Temperatures will be "cool for all", the official said.

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