UK weather: Brits to face ‘significant rainfall’ and chilly nights before weekend sun

BBC weather: Rain and breeze with outbreaks of sunshine

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Over the next few days, scattered and “heavy” showers will set in with strong wind gusts in north and western Scotland and “significant” rainfall in England and Wales.  Temperatures will stay relatively cool today as a result of the low pressure and showers with the majority of the UK seeing between 12C and 15C.

BBC Meteorologist Stav Danaos said: “For the next few days it is going to remain breezy and rather unsettled with low-pressure nearby we will see showers.”

He added that today would bring “significant rainfall to parts of England and Wales throughout the day”.

However, Mr Danaos warned: “Some of that rain will really be quite heavy across parts of Wales, Southwest England through Wednesday morning.”

He added: “Rain will push in towards the Midlands, parts of Eastern England in the afternoon.”

Those who suffer from hay fever have been warned by both the Met Office and the BBC that the higher levels of tree pollen are set to continue.

They warned: “Pollen levels on Wednesday again will be rather high, though maybe not quite as high across England and Wales as we will have that rain band.”

The cloud cover for the majority of the UK will clear away as the rain dries up on Wednesday night with winds lightening and further showers only across north and west of Scotland.

As the skies clear, tonight will be fresh and chilly with temperatures in the single digits for most between 3C and 6C, according to Wxcharts.

As cloud begins to set in tomorrow in the north, clear skies will be seen in the south with temperatures rising up to 18C or 19C after a fresh morning.

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Despite the damp and chilly note, Brits can look forward to another weekend scorcher with temperatures once again pushing 20C and most likely higher as a new area of high pressure moves in with the warm air from the south.

Mr Danaos said: “Temperatures will be building as we move on into the weekend as that area of high pressure starts to establish itself.”

Any relief that may be felt by those who have been suffering from hay fever will not be felt for long as we move toward the weekend and the high pressure moves in bringing with it the warm air from the south, pollen levels across the UK will rise to high once more.

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