UK weather forecast – Temperature may hit 36C on hottest day of the year today with Britain warmer than MEXICO

BRITS have already started flocking to the beach for the hottest day of the year today – as the mercury is set to hit a roasting 36C.

Today is set to be the hottest day of the year so far, even hotter than Mexico and parts of mainland Europe.

And forecasters recon some lucky pockets of the country could see spikes of 36C, with much of the South East remaining in the 30s, as well as parts of the midlands and the North East.

Brian Gaze, director and chief forecaster for The Weather Outlook told The Sun Online "The UK is likely to have its hottest day of the year so far [today].

"This afternoon temperatures are likely to peak at 35C, and it's possible one or two locations in the south could pip 36C.

"This could turn out to be the hottest and most settled period of the summer."

Mr Gaze added: "Not all of the UK will be basking in sunshine though. Cloud and outbreaks of rain will spread across Northern Ireland and into western Britain this afternoon.

"There's also a growing risk of scattered thunderstorms in the south as the day progresses.


"This evening the storms could develop more widely across central and eastern Britain."

The Met Office has also issued a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms in the East of England between 4 pm and midnight, which could cause travel disruption, some damage to buildings and possible flooding.

Clare Nasir of Channel 5 weather also said temperatures could reach 36C in London.

And forecaster Nicky Maxey of the Met Office told The Sun Online: "We've upped our temperatures from yesterday, and may well see highs of 36C in places like London and Kent."

She warned this afternoon will see the highest tempratures, but the hot weather could cause thunderstorms – meaning Brits in some of the warmest areas in the South and South East may not feel the benefit of the sun's rays beneath heavy clouds, rain and thunder.

Ms Maxey added: "High temperatures will be across most of the country, in the 30s for central England, Northern England, Sheffield, Manchester, Hull, Leeds and York .

"[The higher} temperatures are pushing quite far North, but Southern Scotland will be more high 20s, than 30s – although still a warm day for most of the country."

Unfortunately for beachgoers in the South East, in areas like Bodmin, Cambourne, Cornwall and West Devon the mercury is set to sit in the mid 20's, not quite a scorcher – but still very pleasant.

Nicky Maxey warned however it will be a hot night for Brits in the warmest areas like London, Cambridge and Norwich, with the cities "hanging on" to the heat and staying at around 19 or 20C as Brits head off to sleep.

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