UK weather: ‘Very warm’ days ahead as Britain to bask in 23C mini-heatwave

UK weather: Temperatures set to increase in places during May

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The Met Office has said that the springtime heat won’t be far off from popular European holiday destinations, as the mercury surges into the twenties. Meteorologist Marco Petagna said the weather could get “very warm” later this month, peaking at around 23C in the south of England.

He said: “Temperatures are several degrees above where they should be at this time of year.”

He added there was a “small chance” that temperatures could rise into the mid-twenties, meaning a “brief” heatwave.

The UK’s hottest day so far this year was Good Friday, when 23.4C (74F) was recorded in St James’s Park in central London.

According to the weather experts, Thursday looks to be the warmest day of the week for many parts of the UK, although that frontal band will continue to bring cloud and patchy rain to northwestern parts and more of a breeze, so the temperatures stay down.

Friday will be warmer still in the southeast.

Jo Farrow, a meteorologist with, said: “For many today the temperatures will be in the mid-teens but in some of the brighter, sunnier spots temperatures could reach 17C to 19C.

“As the warmth of the day gets going the convection builds, for SE Scotland and NE England late morning. North Yorkshire down into the Midlands and Cotswolds by lunchtime.

“There is the risk of an isolated thunderstorm, even hail.

“So many areas staying fine with brighter skies but there will be the risk of a few heavier showers.

“This risk extends eastwards over England through the afternoon and evening.

“Friday will be warm again for eastern Scotland and much of England with a light westerly breeze. Inland southern England is more likely to see 17C to 20C with up to 22C or 23C possible for London.

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“A fair weekend with warm sunshine but cooler at night.”

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