Ukraine LIVE: Terrifying new satellite images show Putin’s death convoy close in on Kyiv

Ukraine: Russian armoured vehicles targeted in Kyiv suburb

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Maxar Technologies said the images taken on Thursday showed that the 40-mile line of vehicles, tanks and artillery has broken up and been redeployed. This is an indication that an assault on the capital is imminent, with parts of the convoy seen with towed artillery howitzers and stationed in firing positions, Maxar reported. A senior US defence official said on Thursday that the Russian forces moved three miles closer to the city in the past 24 hours and are just nine miles from the city centre. This comes as Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said that the city “has been transformed into a fortress” and that “one in two Kyiv residents has left the city.” The British Ministry of Defence also said on Friday morning that: “Russia is likely to reset and re-posture its forces for renewed offensive activity in the coming days, this will probably include against the capital.”


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