Ukrainian soldier proposes to girlfriend in Odesa – she says 'I do'

Love on the front line: Ukrainian soldier proposes to his stunned girlfriend in Odesa… and she says YES

  • TikTok shows amazing proposal on streets of Russian target city Odesa, Ukraine
  • Hero soldier gets down on one knee before stunned girlfriend. She shrieks: ‘YES!’
  • They share a kiss and he presents a ring, keeping her warm in a spare army coat
  • It follows a soldier couple’s frontline marriage, while troops serenaded them

This is the inspiring moment a Ukrainian soldier proposed to his girlfriend next to a pile of sandbags on the streets of war-torn Odesa.

The hero husband-to-be gets down on one knee before his flabbergasted girlfriend, whose shock suddenly turns to joy when she realises exactly what is going on.

And sure enough, he presents a ring. That causes the young woman to cover her mouth with both hands before shrieking and saying ‘YES!’, the viral TikTok shows. 

None the wiser: the pair met up by a pile of sandbags in Odesa, but she had no idea what’s next

The woman’s surprise turns to sheer joy when she realises what her boyfriend is asking

After placing the ring on his fiancée’s finger, which fits perfectly, the girlfriend celebrates her good luck with a fist pump. 

He then brings a huge bouquet of flowers to top it all off.

Though the couple’s names are unknown, the heartwarming clip has clearly touched a nerve, gaining 850,000 views and 179,000 likes within a few hours.

Supportive comments, mostly in Ukrainian, include well-wishers hoping the soldier stays safe during the war.

One user wrote: ‘Awww so sweet, live long and happy!’ Another added: May you be safe and victorious! Congratulations!’

And one other TikTok commenter remembered their surroundings, saying: ‘I wish  you many years of a married life in a peaceful Ukraine!’

The incredible act came just before Russia’s stuttering invasion of the city. 

Putin’s generals promised to ‘choke off’ Odesa during a lengthy siege, but have so far failed to make ground as other Black Sea port towns including Mariupol hold out.

Should the city fall, Ukraine would lose its biggest port and become essentially landlocked.

But it isn’t all bad news for Ukraine’s formidable forces. The inspiring proposal follows another frontline love story last month at a check-point near Kyiv.

Lesya swapped her helmet for a white veil during the ceremony, which took place near Kyiv 

The happy couple (right and second from right) were serenaded by a soldier playing a bandura

Territorial defense soldiers Valery and Lesya, both in uniform, tied the knot at a Ukrainian army checkpoint close to the capital.

A fellow soldier played the bandura, a type of lute which is also the national instrument.

One of the soldiers also appears to be wearing an Orthodox Christian cross, often seen at weddings in a country where the religion is widely followed.

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