Urban explorers ‘disgusted’ by mould oozing from beds inside abandoned hotel

A couple were left disgusted when they walked into an abandoned hotel to find a room filled with mould.

Urban explorers Ashley and Sean shared their recent discovery on TikTok as they explained the place was left touched for six years.

While they wandered around the premise, they found a room covered in mould – from mattresses, wall decorations to windows.

In the video, they said: "This is the most disgusting thing I've seen – all mould."

"Oh my God, look at the bed," says Ashley as she pans the camera towards the dismantled single beds.

The once plushy velvet headboards are covered in white dots of mould and the mattresses have turned into a fungus hotbed.

Sean covers his mouth and nose and comments: "Urgh, it's like snow in there."

The white mould can also been found on the wooden furnitures – the table, chairs and picture frames – and also along the ceiling.

Ashley realises the picture hanging on the wall has turned yellow and filled with black dots.

Their viewers shared the same reactions as they watched the video.

One said: "Bed looks like it's been sprayed with foam."

"Wear a protective equipment, that room is dangerous for you!" a second warned the couple while a third added: "At first it looked like those fluffy teddy bed sets that are currently trendy."

Ashley did not disclose the location but later shared more videos of the hotel.

She said the hotel was vacant for six years and assumed all the fixtures stayed untouched the whole time.

But she realised that the water and electricity were working perfectly throughout the premise, adding: "Almost all the lights were already on."

They tested the kettle and the television and both worked fine.

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