US warning: Capitol riot to serve as ‘blueprint’ to ISIS for future Washington attacks

Washington protests have given ‘blueprint’ to ISIS says expert

Analyst Malcolm Nance has slammed the events on Capitol Hill as an “absolute disaster security-wise.” Video footage shows thousands of Donald Trump supporters storming the building and fighting police. Mr Nance told talkRADIO host Ian Collins that “ISIS now has a blueprint for attacking the United States Capitol.”

The counterterrorism analyst said: “I monitor right-wing extremist chat, chat rooms, Telegram, Instagram, all of their internal communications and deliberations and we saw this coming.

“I was up at 0230 in the morning just to watch them as they led into Washington DC.

“The only question that was missing was would Donald Trump make a very explicit invitation for them to become violent in some way shape or form.

“When he said, ‘we are going to march up to the Capitol, we are going to do this,’ and there are some good Republicans and then there are others we are going to show them, that was the go-sign.”

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He added “One of the other things that we did is we monitored the internal live video streams from the inside of that protest by some of the more violent extremists. They were already on the way to the Capitol before [Trump] had finished his speech.

“They came to fight, they were relatively young that was quite surprising and they wanted to take over the building.

“Our problem with this is two months ago the FBI and Michigan State Police broke up a plot in which extremists were going to kidnap and kill the Governor of Michigan.”

“Their secondary plot was to take over the Michigan State House lay siege to it and then try and execute all of the liberal democratic members of that party. That is what we were afraid was going to happen in the Capitol yesterday.” 

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Mr Nance continued: “Turns out somebody rigged a noose on the Capitol grounds on a scaffold. They went in, they were at least five people carrying firearms into the building and they were there to do mob action.

“What we don’t know was there a nucleus of people there to conduct terrorism and kill capture or execute members of our government.

“It is an absolute disaster security-wise.

“I went through SWAT officer school with the members of the Capitol Hill police and many of them were sympathetic to the rioters we saw that. You saw them let them in.

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“They had virtually no rules of engagement to stop them, in any other circumstance it would have been weapons drawn and then attacked and resolved the issue through the use of lethal force.”

Following the push on Congress by Trump supporters and protestors, the Capitol Building was forced to go into a lockdown.

Staff working in the Cannon House Office Building and Madison Building, which houses the Library of Congress, were told to evacuate due to the protests.

Videos posted on social media showed Trump supporters climb over barriers whilst panic and confusion ensued in the Capitol Hill building.

Members of Congress inside the House Chamber were told by police to put gas masks on after tear gas was dispersed in the US Capitol’s Rotunda.

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