Use SMS Online to be Anonymous within Kik App

Anonymity is highly appreciated nowadays. With the development of Web technologies staying anonymous has become an issue. Each website and application requests your personal data during registration. If someone wants to stay anonymous, it will be necessary to get a new SIM-card and replace it in the smartphone in order to register.

However, this method is not a comfortable one especially if you need to create multiple accounts. Multiple accounts are usually needed for those who lead business. This is where online message services come to help.

There are tons of popular instant messengers out there. However, more and more people, especially young ones, prefer communicating through applications with high anonymity level, for example, Kik.

About Kik

Kik is a very popular application for online communication among teens. It can be installed to both iPhone and Android. Kik works similarly to WhatsApp or Viber and is free of charge.

With Kik one can:

  • chat one-to one;
  • exchange messages, images, gifs and videos;
  • create group chats for up to 49 people;
  • chat anonymously;
  • follow and communicate with various entertainment, music etc. brands.

It has a friendly interface and is easy to use.

Registration Nuances

One can connect with other Kik users by adding them through the phone book. One’s username can be called one’s identity on this app. Thus, one’s e-mail or number is not seen by others. Other users will see the username and profile picture.

In order to add someone, you should know his username. However, if these people already have your numb, obviously, they will know it’s you. The option of adding contacts from your phone book can be disabled by clicking these chapters in the next order:

  1. settings;
  2. chat settings;
  3. turn off address book matching.

Virtual Numbs and Anonymity

Since the easiest way of finding Kik contacts is using your address book, you might want to use a virtual directory. It will help you to stay fully anonymous. You do not even need a phone to use it.

Virtual SIMs work as regular ones, but through the Internet. You can choose any country code (if you go with a reputable provider).

OnlineSIM and Kik

OnlineSIM offers more than 10,000 virtual numbs from more than 30 countries around the globe. It has loyal prices and several tariffs. You can try its SMS online number free if you want to check its quality first. OnlineSIM offers a high protection level and no connection ‘fall offs’. Its directories are attached to real devices, so you will always be seen as a real person.