Uvalde, Texas, mayor says crime, near-daily police chases a hallmark of Biden border crisis

Uvalde mayor tells Tucker the Texas borderlands have become ‘Wild Wild West’ under Biden

Don McLaughlin speaks out on ‘Tucker Carlson Today’

The mayor of a Texas city near the Mexican border says President Biden’s illegal alien crisis has overwhelmed his town and is endangering everyone including schoolchildren.

Don McLaughlin reiterated his comparison of Uvalde in 2021 to “the Wild Wild West”, and told “Tucker Carlson Today” that his town is seeing “13-15 [police] chases per week.”

“We’re having to lock down our schools… about once a week,” he said. “[Because] almost every one of those cars has armed” occupants.

McLauglin blamed the federal government for the border being overrun and claimed the Biden administration is not being honest about the statistics.

He said of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ claim that the border is “closed” that the idea that “90 percent” of illegal immigrants are being turned away only applies to Mexican nationals.

Meanwhile, the border sector in nearby Del Rio – which is on the river across from Acuna, Mexico, has recorded illegal aliens incurring into the United States homeland from 67 other countries.

“Let’s shut the border down and make them come through the right way. There is a process to come through and let’s do it the right way.”

McLaughlin added that he has not been able to personally speak with any of the top lawmakers on the state or federal level that represent him.

In his seven-year tenure, he told host Tucker Carlson, Sens. John Cornyn, Ted Cruz and Gov. Greg Abbott – all Republicans – have not spoken with him.

Of the three officeholders, McLaughlin clarified he has been able to converse with aides, but never the lawmakers themselves.

“I can’t get my own senators to call me back – as an elected official, I cannot get a callback.”

McLaughlin, however, did not state whether he has been in contact with his U.S. Representative, Republican Ernest “Tony” Gonzales, about dealing with the crisis afflicting his town.

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