Very British granddad asks Piers Morgan 'who are you?' & jokes his new fame is 'ridiculous' after CNN Covid jab clip

A VERY British grandad who went viral yesterday after receiving his Covid jab asked Piers Morgan "who are you?" in a hilarious jibe.

Martin Kenyon, 91, told the Good Morning Britain host that his new social media fame is "rather ridiculous" after being interviewed by a bewildered CNN reporter yesterday.

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Speaking about getting the vaccine yesterday, Martin said: "Well it seemed sensible to get on with it because I have two delicious grandchildren and I've not been able to hug them for several weeks, months.

"I'm planning to spend Christmas with them all. And I thought if I have the vaccine, then I can hug them."

And then he began laughing at his own words, adding: "Well, hug is a silly word isn't it."

Martin, being interviewed outside his home in Stockwell, London, was then shocked to find out that Piers already knew his own grandchildren's names – little Leo and Molly.

At which point the 91-year-old brazenly asked the host: "Now, who are you? Who are you?"

Piers and Susanna erupted into fits of laughter at the jibe -before Martin hit back at Piers again, saying: "He's laughing at his own jokes now."

The GMB hosts then asked Martin about his extraordinary life helping Desmond Tutu in the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

The 91-year-old told his story about helping with the cause, andfrankly added that "he's got a lovely wife."


In a message to Brits who may be reluctant to take the life-saving Covid jab, Martin said: "Well I think it would be foolish of them to be reluctant about it.

"If it means the chance of them behaving normally instead of being worried that they might get the horrible bug.

"I've avoided it so far, and my children were very pleased."

Martin told the CNN reporter yesterday that he had a rather "nasty lunch" while waiting for his coronavirus vaccine – but he told Piers and Susanna that "it was actually delicious."

He said: "I don't know why I said that. It was delicious.

"It was a prawn sandwich, and I decided to get a sandwich and a glass of orange squash."

The 91-year-old was collared by CNN as he left Guy's Hospital in London yesterday, after becoming one of the first people in the country to receive the new breakthrough jab.

His matter-of-fact attitude over his trip to hospital was in stark contrast to that of the American reporter – keen to build up his story for the viewers back home.

Many on social media said that the three-minute chat – in which the pensioner joked about his lunch and problems with parking – was a classic clash of two very different cultures.

Mr Kenyon's was hailed a "national treasure" by many who watched the interview after it was posted on Twitter.

Chris Banks wrote: "The dichotomy between this gentleman and the American hysteria I see on social media about taking this thing shows us where we went wrong over the course of the history of American politics."

Melissa Buckner added: "What a charming man. At 91 drove himself to the hospital in London, arranged to get the vaccination, had a “nasty lunch”, got inoculated, received a card as proof, and has no intention of dying now. Yes, interview wins the day."

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