Video captures B.C. driver’s wheel falling off, bouncing through traffic

A New Westminster driver got a fright last week, after a tire replacement on his car went dangerously wrong.

The entire incident was captured on dash cam video.

In the video, the vehicle owner can be seen pulling out of the Coquitlam tire shop and driving several blocks before things go horribly wrong.

That’s when one of the wheels, which had just been installed, detached from the car.

In the video, the wheel can be seen bouncing across the busy street, and crossing oncoming traffic.

Fortunately no one collided with the tire, and no one was hurt.

The tire shop has apologized to the driver and is covering the cost of all of the repairs, including bodywork.

The driver told Global News he’ll be double-checking next time he gets his tires swapped to ensure they’re bolted on tight.

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