Video shows ‘football hooligan’ going on punching rampage around Kiev

Shocking footage shows ‘football hooligan’ going on punching rampage around Kiev before being knocked out – as five metro stations are shut after bomb scare ahead of Champions League final

  • Video shows hooligan beating and kneeing another man in the face in Ukraine
  • But when he approaches a scarf seller he is punched in the face and falls down 
  • Comes as thousands of Liverpool fans descend  for the Champion’s League Final 

Shocking footage captured the moment a drunken football hooligan rampaging around Kiev before being knocked unconscious by a scar seller.

The harrowing footage shows the thug wrestling with another man in a part of the Ukranian capital – where the Champion’s League final is being hosted tonight. 

It comes as thousands of Liverpool fans descend on the city for the club’s showdown against Real Madrid.  

The video shows the two men fighting on a grassy verge as confused locals look on – not knowing what triggered the violence.

The hooligan tears his rival’s shirt off before kneeing and punching him the head a number of times.

He then leaves his opponent and walks over to a scarf sellers who is believed to have been telling him to leave the man alone. 

The brute is then struck in the face with a lightning-fast punch and falls to the ground unconscious.

A Reddit user suggested the man was a ‘thug targeting random people’. 

However, other reports suggest he was picking on British fans. 

Five metro stations in Kiev were also evacuated today following a bomb scare. 

Passengers were ordered to abandon trains in two suburbs of the Ukranian capital.

The stations were reopened after the incident was declared a ‘false alarm’, according to the BBC.

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