Wagner Group mercenaries give talks in Russian schools as they show kids weapons

An armed member of the bloodthirsty private military company Wagner Group has given lectures and flaunted weapons to Russian schoolchildren.

A video, leaked online by Russian opposition figure Lyubov Sobol on February 27, shows a Wagner soldier giving a lecture to year 11 students about the structure of the paramilitary group.

Sobol’s team said in a Telegram post that the video was secretly taken by one of the students at Moscow school No. 183, who said that the unknown militant came to the school with a gun and offered to show it to the students.

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The school visitor even suggested kids filled out a questionnaire about their interest in the Wagner Group, which would be handed in and collected by their teacher.

The admin of Sobol’s Telegram channel said that they requested a comment from the leaders of the school, but did not receive a response before the video was leaked.

The leaked video was published just days before the Wagner Group’s notorious leader Yevgeny Prigozhin promised that recruits who sign up for service would be in good shape for the “upcoming” third world war.

“Sign up for PMC Wagner, you’ll learn a man’s job and will be in good shape for the upcoming World War Three”, the bloodthirsty boss chillingly said on tape.

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The brutal actions of the Wagner Group have been well documented since they emerged as a fighting force in the Donbas War in Ukraine, where they helped pro-Russian separatists break the Donetsk region away in 2014 and 2015.

They have been under international security since Russia invaded Ukraine last year, with several stories published across the world detailing their horrific treatment of civilians, animals and even their own soldiers.

The Daily Star reported on a Wagner soldier who was barbarically executed by his comrades with a sledgehammer after being returned during a prisoner swap.

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