Watch Drew Barrymore re-create famous ‘When Harry Met Sally’ scene

Drew Barrymore puts her comedic acting skills to work in a new trailer for season two of "The Drew Barrymore Show."

The 46-year-old Hollywood star brings the laughs as she reenacts scenes from classic rom-coms shot in New York City, including the famous scene from "When Harry Met Sally…" when Meg Ryan, um, enjoys herself inside Katz’s Delicatessen.

In the original 1989 movie, Ryan's character, Sally, surprises her pal Harry, played by Billy Crystal, in the middle of their lunch when she very loudly shows him how easily a woman can pretend to orgasm during sex. The outrageous high jinks, which attract the attention of fellow diners, take place just after Harry confidently insists that all the women he's made love to leave his bed satisfied. 

Barrymore's teaser kicks off with an homage to "Working Girl," then quickly shifts to its own Katz's deli scene, where Barrymore, mimicking Ryan, gets overly excited about a sandwich she's eating.

"This sandwich, IT'S SO GOOD," Barrymore screams, throwing her head back. She then tosses the hair of her wavy blond wig side to side much like Ryan did in the original.

"It is so good! It's the best sandwich I have ever had," Barrymore screams as others take notice. 

And just like in "When Harry Met Sally…," one diner, played by interior designer Mikel Welch, asks a server to bring him whatever Barrymore is having.

"As a matter of fact, can you make it a double?" Welch asks.

As the trailer moves on, we see Barrymore walking across the Brooklyn Bridge dressed in a bright red Miranda Hobbes-style wig to meet chef Pilar Valdes.

The hilarious clip ends with one more homage to a Ryan film when Barrymore pays tribute to "Sleepless in Seattle," with Ross Mathews stepping in as Tom Hanks.

Watch all the fun in the video above!

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