Wetherspoons' eco-friendly paper straws slammed by pub-goers for turning soggy in drinks

Customers end up using several straws on a single drink — creating more paper waste.

Pub-goers irate at the firm’s decision to reduce plastic waste reckon the biodegradable replacements handed out at bars across the country are useless.

Some have even resorted to buying packs of metal straws online to use. The ban was brought in last year.

But Alexander Inax wrote online: “I’m all for getting rid of plastic straws but can’t we find a better alternative? These turn to mush.”

Customer, Shannon, added: “I need four to finish one drink.” And Georgie said: “The amount of straws we used was ridiculous, so much waste.”

But Sophie P wrote: “I’d rather a soggy straw than contribute to the suffering of sea creatures.”

A disability campaigner claimed the chain is “discriminating against the disabled who need plastic straws for a hot drink”.

Mike Childs, of Friends of the Earth, said: “Plastic pollution is destroying our environment.

“It’s critical single-use plastics are phased out.”

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