What is the Planet Her Tik Tok trend?

Doja Cat’s Planet Her album has already broken several records and now it's become a TikTok trend.

So what is the trend and how do you do it?

What is the Planet Her trend on Tik Tok?

Planet Her is a TikTok trend inspired by Doja Cat’s album. The rapper decided to name her album ‘Planet Her‘ because the theme explores things that take place on an imaginary planet.

When the rapper had first teased the album, its vibrant colors caught many people’s eye.

Now, several fans are hopping on to the same trend to see how they would look if they were a part of Planet Her.

The video often shows users asking, "What colour would I be on Planet Her?" This is followed by the user applying the filter to their video.

How to do the Planet Her Tik Tok trend

If you want to take part in the viral trend, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Discover’ tab and search for ‘Planet Her’
  2. Click on one of the videos that appear to save the audio file used in it.
  3. To save the audio file, click on ‘xxtristanxo’ at the bottom of the file and ‘Add to Favorites’
  4. After saving the audio, search for the ‘Color Customizer’ filter on the app and then click on ‘Add to Favorites’
  5. Once done, create the first part of the video with just the sound.
  6. Following this, use the ‘Color Customizer’ filter to choose your preferred colour.
  7. If you are happy with the video, click on the ‘Text’ toolbar at the bottom and type: “What color would I be on Planet Her’
  8. Save the video and post it!

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