What was Trump impeached for in 2019? Why was he not removed from power then?

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Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to rebuke Donald Trump with a second impeachment yesterday. The landmark vote charged the President with “inciting” riots on January 6 which saw a throng of Trump supporters break into the Capitol while lawmakers passed Joe Biden’s Electoral College votes. The impeachment is Mr Trump’s second, establishing a historic lesson on accountability.

What was Donald Trump impeached for in 2019?

Mr Trump is now the first President to be impeached twice and secure more impeachments than terms served.

The President was first impeached fewer than two years ago, back in 2019.

The House of Representatives started gathering steam in 2019 when a whistleblower alleged Mr Trump had abused the powers of the presidency.

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They accused the President of pressuring his Ukrainian equivalent Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

The whistleblower also alleged he wanted Mr Zelensky to investigate a conspiracy theory that Ukraine, not Russia, interfered in the 2016 election.

Article one of the impeachment process thus became abuse of power.

But during the inquiry, the President racked up another impeachment charge.

A second charge of “Obstruction of Congress” alleged the President had obstructed the lower chamber during its investigations.

Both articles of impeachment passed the lower house with a significant majority.

The charges of abuse of power passed 230–197, and obstruction of Congress passed 229-198.

The articles then progressed to the Senate for consideration.

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Why was Donald Trump not removed from power?

The charges passed the lower house thanks to a hefty Democrat majority secured by the party in 2018.

The “blue wave” only washed over the House of Representatives, however, and failed to touch the Senate.

As such, a Republican majority considered the final impeachment vote.

Ousting the President required Senators to back a supermajority vote to convict.

A total of 67 of the chamber’s 100 senators, therefore, had to vote against Mr Trump to expel him from the White House.

But the GOP chose to use their majority to acquit after Senate leader Mitch McConnell said there was “no chance” of them doing so.

Impeachment ultimately failed in the upper house following a 52 to 48 “not guilty” vote.

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