Where it is illegal to swear out the window of your car and how you could get fined

THINK twice the next time a reckless driver makes you want to swear out the window of your car, as you just might get fined.

Traffic School Online shared a list of the 10 strangest traffic rules in the US, including where swearing is illegal.

If you find yourself driving through Rockville, Maryland, be aware of the language you use.

Swearing while driving is considered a misdemeanor if pedestrians or other drivers can hear you.

You just might be fined for your profanity.

Be sure to keep road range under control or it could cost you.

The list also discussed some of the other strange traffic laws to ensure the safest and least expensive driving through each state.

For example, it is illegal to jump into or out of a vehicle in motion in Glendale, California.

Or it is illegal to hunt from your car in Connecticut.

Hoarders, beware of Hilton Head, South Carolina, where you could receive a nuisance offense for leaving trash in your car.

The laws gets stranger and stranger as you go.

Perhaps the strangest is in Alaska, it is illegal to tie a pet to the roof of your car. You will have to find alternate means of storing your pet for long road trips.

Be sure to consult a list like this to sort out any driving quirks before a cross country road trip.

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