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COUNTRIES around the world are beginning to usher in the start of 2022 with a bang this New Years Eve.

With firework shows and parties kicking off, which countries will be the first to start their New Year with a bang, and who will be the last?

Which country celebrates New Year first?

The fireworks show over Sydney harbour usually symbolises the start of global New Year festivities for most Brits.

However, it may come as a surprise to hear that Australia is not the first country in the world to welcome the New Year.

Parts of Kiribati, including the Line Islands and Kiritimati, ring in the New Year first.

They see in the New Year while Brits are still sipping their morning coffee at 10am GMT on December 31.

At 11am GMT the tiny Pacific island of Tonga head into a fresh year along with New Zealand and Samoa.

Where will 2022 arrive last?

After travelling all around the world, the New Year eventually comes full circle – or near enough.

The last place to ring in 2022 will be the tiny outlying islands of the US.



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Baker Island and Howland Island will see the New Year at 12pm GMT on January 1 – but as it's uninhabited there isn't much of a celebration.

Second to last will be American Samoa at 11am – just 558 miles from Tonga, where locals and visitors were celebrating a full 24 hours before.

It's, therefore, possible to get a quick flight in between the two and count down to 2022 twice.

What time does New Year arrive around the world?

The New Year will be ushered in throughout the 25 hour period around the world with different nations welcoming the start of another year with their own traditions and celebrations.

Brit's typically start their countdown's from the start of Australia's impressive fireworks, but if you want to ring in the new year alongside the rest of the world you'll be starting your celebrations at 10 am.

Using London time, this is when the world will welcome 2022:

December 31

  • 10am – Samoa and Christmas Island/Kiribati
  • 10.15am – New Zealand
  • 12pm – Fiji and Eastern Russia
  • 1pm – Eastern Australia (Melbourne and Sydney)
  • 2pm – Central Australia (Brisbane, Darwin and Adelaide)
  • 3pm – Japan, South Korea and North Korea
  • 3.15pm – Western Australia (Perth and Eucla)
  • 4pm – China, Philippines, Singapore
  • 5pm – Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia
  • 5.30pm – Myanmar and Cocos Islands
  • 6pm – Bangladesh
  • 6.15pm – Nepal
  • 6.30pm – India and Sri Lanka
  • 7pm – Pakistan
  • 8pm – Azerbaijan
  • 8.30pm – Iran
  • 9pm – Turkey, Iraq, Kenya and Western Russia
  • 10pm – Greece, Romania, South Africa, Hungary, and eastern European cities
  • 11pm – Germany, France, Italy, Algeria, Belgium, Spain
  • Midnight – UK, Ireland, Ghana, Iceland, Portugal

January 1

  • 1am – Cape Verde and the Spanish Isles
  • 2am – Eastern Brazil, South Georgia and Sandwich Islands
  • 3am – Argentina, remaining regions in Brazil, Chile, Paraguay
  • 3.30am – Newfoundland and Labrador/Canada
  • 4am – Eastern Canada, Bolivia, Puerto Rico
  • 5am – Eastern Standard Time in the US – New York, Washington, Detroit and Cuba
  • 6am – Central Standard Time in the US – Chicago
  • 7am – Mountain Standard Time in the US – Colorado, Arizona
  • 8am – Pacific Standard Time  in the US – LA, Nevada
  • 9am – Alaska and French Polynesia
  • 10am – Hawaii, Tahiti and Cook Island
  • 11am – American Samoa
  • 12pm – Baker Island, Howland Island

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