Who is CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer's wife Lynn Greenfield?

LYNN Greenfield has been married to CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer since 1973.

Greenfield lives a relatively private life away from the public eye despite her husband being one of the most famous faces of the network. 

Who is Lynn Greenfield?

Lynn Greenfield, 70, has been married to Wolf Blitzer for over 45 years.

The couple reside in Bethesda, Maryland, and Greenfield reportedly works as a personal shopper at the Saks Fifth Avenue store in Chevy Chase.

She also spends time traveling the world alongside her husband when he has job duties in other countries.

They have one daughter, Ilana Blitzer Gendelman, who is 39.

How long has Wolf Blitzer been on CNN?

Blitzer has been on CNN since 1990 and began working as a military affairs reporter.

He was then promoted to the official White House reporter two years later and held the title for seven years. 

The following year he was given hosting duties for CNN’s Sunday morning interview program called Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer.

Due to his popularity he was promoted to anchor in 1999 on the daily newscast The World Today.

A year later he was anchoring his own show Wolf Blitzer Reports which lasted through 2005.

Months later, Blitzer hosted The Situation Room, a two-hour afternoon/early evening program on CNN. 

In 2013, he started anchoring the 1pm hour of CNN Newsroom, until 2014, when the slot was renamed to Wolf.

Who was Lynn Greenfield married to before?

Prior to marrying Blitzer, Greenfield was married to Joseph Gandelman, the president of the Bruce Gendelman Insurance Services.

It is unclear when they divorced but they split due to irreconcilable differences.

What is Wolf Blitzer’s net worth?

Blitzer’s net worth is reportedly $20million.

His salary is estimated to be around $5million dollars which makes him the highest-paid CNN anchor.

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