Who is LeToya Luckett and did her husband Tommi Walker cheat on her with a ‘side chick’?

FORMER Destiny’s Child singer LeToya Luckett’s husband reportedly cheated on her with a “side chick.”

It was reported on Tuesday that Tommicus Walker allegedly two-timed her while the couple awaits the birth of their second child.

Who is LeToya Luckett?

Luckett, 39, is a Grammy-winning singer who spent seven years with Destiny’s Child.

She worked with the R&B singing group on their first two albums before launching her solo career in 2006.

Luckett was axed by Destiny's Child's manager and Beyoncé's father Matthew, just as the band started to find mainstream success.

Did her husband Tommi Walker cheat on her with a ‘side chick’?

On Tuesday, The Shade Room reported – in seemingly now-deleted Instagram and website posts – that Luckett’s husband allegedly cheated on her.

The woman, said to be an Instagram model from Dallas, Texas, claimed that Walker was also sleeping with another woman days before they slept together.

Press Reality also reports the videos in question are on Twitter, and states that the same tattoo Walker has on his leg can be seen in the clips.

What are the videos the ‘side chick’ is talking about?

Walker’s “side chick” apparently contacted The Shade Room to show them a video of a man who looked like Walker sleeping in a hotel room.

Another video the “side chick” shared was them after they supposedly had sex.

When did LeToya and Tommi get together?

It’s not clear when Luckett and Walker got together, but they announced their engagement in August 2017.

They wed in a ceremony in Texas in December of that year.

She told Essence in August 2017: "I feel it’s very important to build your foundation first before sharing your relationship with the world.

"I felt that it was important to get to know each other without any distractions or any he-said she-said. I wanted to do something different with this relationship because I felt something different about him."

"I love that he isn't in the entertainment business, but yet he still understands me and he's so supportive,” she said of Walker.

When is their baby due?

Luckett revealed in March that she was expecting her second child with Walker.

Cradling her growing bump in a snap on Instagram, the singer said she was "overjoyed" to be welcoming another baby into the world.

In 2018 while pregnant, Luckett went to support Beyoncé at her concert following her On The Run II Tour show in Dallas.

The two were seen beaming widely as she cuddled her long-time pal.

Luckett held a virtual baby shower on Saturday, according to her Instagram.

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