Whopping $750,000 raised for George Floyd murder witnesses who testified in Chauvin trial to 'heal their trauma'

CROWDSOURCING funds set up on behalf of witnesses at Derek Chauvin's murder trial have raised  in the weeks since the verdict was brought.

Several of the witnesses in the case of George Floyd’s murder gained high profiles for the role as the trial was livestreamed across the world.

In the aftermath of the trial several GoFundMe pages were set up to help those who stood up in court to convict ex-cop Derek Chauvin, reports Mail Online.

One of the first witnesses to testify was Donald Winn Williams.

He told jurors how he stopped for a drink after returning from a fishing trip with his son when he witnessed 46-year-old Floyd's death beneath the former Minneapolis police officer's knee.

The MMA fighter described Chauvin’s "blood" or "kill" choke and recalled how the officer looked him straight in the eye and carried on. 

He then said he watched Floyd "fade like a fish in a bag".

To help overcome the trauma of witnessing the killing and testifying under the spotlight of the court and the world, his cousin Shannon Davis set a GoFundme page to help him "get his life back on track".

The Official Trauma Healing Fund for Donald Williams II features a picture of Williams sporting the Northside Boxing Club hoodie he was wearing on March 25, 2020 and a courtroom sketch of him weeping during his testimony.

He is an amazing father, son, brother, and cousin… he has been dramatically changed by this incident

A note written by his cousin pleads: "Now is the time to help uplift [Donald] and his needs. He is an amazing father, son, brother, and cousin. He has been dramatically changed by this incident."

Since April 4 he has received $15,447 in donations with the stated target being $500,000. 

He has posted a note of thanks “to everyone for their kind words and generosity”.

He described the fund as, "a big steppingstone," in moving forward with his life.

Another benefactor of public generosity has been Darnella Frazier.

She was the 17-year-old who stopped and filmed events on her cell phone in the now-infamous "bystander video" which captured the killing as it unfolded and was viewed across the world.

Tragically, she told the court of her guilt and how she apologized to Floyd every night for not stepping in to stop what was happening.

To help her as she came to terms with her ordeal, "The OFFICIAL Peace and Healing for Darnella Fund" up by strangers, Mica Cole Kamenski and Angela Shelby on her behalf has so far raised a staggering $688,950 with a fundraising goal of $1million.

Speaking to DailyMail.com Frazier's mother, LaTangie Gillespie, 38, confirmed the fund set up in her daughter's name was verified.

She said: "We just want to breathe as a family right now. We've been through so much."

Then there is sixty-one-year-old Charles McMillians who was nicknamed "the Mayor" of the community by prosecutor Jerry Blackwell.

During the trial, he broke down and wept in the witness box as he recalled the events of May 25 last year.

In various video footage from that day, McMillians can be heard and seen urging Floyd to just get in the car. 

He told the court he wanted to "make it go easier" for Floyd, so he tried to counsel Floyd but events began sliding towards a desperate outcome.

His son has set up a fund entitled, 'Help Charles McMillian visit his Mothers Burial," with the stated goal of raising $5,000 to help him travel with his 12-year-old son to his mother's grave in Mississippi and to organise therapy for his trauma.

So far more than $9,000 has been raised.

Judeah Reynolds was just nine when she witnessed Floyd's horrible death unfold. 

Aged ten, she testified off-camera in court about what she saw and how had left her "sad and mad".

A FundRazr fund for her has now raised $20,892 of its $25,000 goal.

The blurb on the page notes how she will “be scarred and changed forever” because of what she saw.

Meanwhile, Cup Food's store clerk Christopher Martin quit his job after Floyd's death.

He was the 19-year-old clerk who accepted the fake $20 bill then told his manager, with the police arriving on the scene soon after. 

He told of his guilt and his wish that he had just refused to take the money.

A fund set up calling to 'Commend Christopher Martin for his bravery,' has now raise $12,673 of its stated $20,000 goal.

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