Why did Aiden Fucci kill Tristyn Bailey?

AIDEN Fucci has been charged with first-degree murder following the death of 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey.

Further details of the incident were released during a press conference on May 27, that confirmed that the 14-year-old would be tried as an adult.

Why did Aiden Fucci kill Tristyn Bailey?

Aiden Fucci is currently the only suspect in the murder of his classmate Trisyen Bailey.

He was initially arrested following the discovery of the 13-year-old's body on May 9.

As he was taken away in the back of squad car, he allegedly shared an incriminating image of himself on Snapchat.

The photo shows a male in the back of the police vehicle, holding up a peace sign alongside the caption: “Hey guys has inybody (sic) seen Tristyn lately”.

The Sun confirmed that it has been probed by police as part of their investigation.

Prior to Fucci’s first court appearance, Sheriff Robert Hardwick told WOKV that the image shows he is “proud of what he did.”

However, early indications suggested that he was not known to have had any prior grievances with Bailey.

What did Florida attorney R.J. Larizza say on his motive?

On May 27, Florida attorney R.J. Larizza announced that prosecutors would be charging Fucci as an adult on first degree murder.

He described how Aiden Fucci had told friends that he was going to kill someone within the next 30 days, leading to accusations that the act was premeditated.

According to Larizza, the 14-year-old specifically detailed that he would "take someone into the woods and stab them."

On the night of Tristyn's death, the pair were believed to have been hanging out with a few mutual friends, before they were eventually left alone together.

However, prosecutors currently say there is no evidence to suggest that Fucci specifically targeted Tristyn beforehand.

"This could just be a case of wrong place, wrong time," Larizza said.

None of the others who were with the pair the night Tristyn died are suspected of wrongdoing.

But, the prosecutor voiced frustration that Fucci's alleged plans to commit homicide were "not taken seriously" when he confessed them to "several" of his peers.

"Could this have been prevented? We can't be sure," he said, adding that the murder should serve as a cautionary tale to parents that they "need to know what your kids are doing and saying."

Larizza refused to disclose whether the killing was sexually motivated, or whether Tristyn had been sexually assaulted during the murder.

How many times did Aiden Fucci stab Tristyn Bailey?

According to Larizza’s announcement, Tristyn was stabbed 114 times, with 49 of those wounds sustained to her hands and arms.

Larizza described those wounds as "defensive", and said that the 13-year-old suffered them as she "fought for her life."

Investigators recovered what they believed to be the murder weapon, a folding buck knife, in a pond near to Tristyn's body.

Larizza said that the blade was "missing a tip", which medical examiners found lodged in Tristyn's scalp.

He added that the knife found “could have multiple uses” including hunting.

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