Why do bodyguards use fake arms?

HIGH profile figures such as politicians and celebrities need bodyguards to make public appearances and ensure their safety.

Bodyguards are always on high alert for any surprises which might threaten the safety of the ones they're protecting and some use this technique to be prepared for anything.

Why do bodyguards use fake arms?

Some claim that bodyguards use fake arms when out on duty.

The speculation rose after Donald Trump's Secret Service bodyguard in 2017 was seen strangely holding his little finger on his other hand while walking behind the former American president and his wife Melania.

People gave to social media with their controversies and with the fact that his hands looked like plastic prosthetics.

The reason behind this was so that he can hold a fully automatic rifle in ready position underneath his coat.

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The most common type of rifle which they might carry underneath is a FN-P90, as it fits comfortably under the coat.

This sub machine gun is used by Secret Service Emergency Response Teams and also 50 rounds of ammo.

Along with that, these bodyguards also have to carry a smaller hand gun, M84 stun grenades which temporarily blind and deafen any attackers and a Wolfeyes 320 lumen torch which is more powerful than headlights of a BMW car.

Which celebrity bodyguards use fake arms?

It is not known which celebrity bodyguards use fake arms, they would not want to reveal their secrets.

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There has been speculation, that just like Donald Trump's bodyguard, Jeff Bezos' bodyguard was wearing the same fake arms.

People gave to social media to also comment about the Amazon boss' bodyguard after a person approached him to say hi in the street.

Jeff responded in a friendly way, but his bodyguard looked tense and ready for any surprises, as seen in the video.

People also commented about his hands, which also looked like prosthetic plastic ones, and he was also strangely holding his little finger on the other hand.

There has not been many speculation about celebrity bodyguards although it is most likely that even they would think about trying out this technique.

Celebrities have to face many paparazzi during their daily lives which invade their privacy and even try to get something out of their loved ones, so the maximum protection is needed.

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