Why Political Activism Can't — And Shouldn't — Stop After the Inauguration

Image Source: Getty / Pacific Press

After the long, stressful haul of the 2020 election cycle, it’s easy to want to take a break, but it’s more important than ever that activism continues beyond the presidential election. While news cycles may focus most on politics during major federal election years, real change also happens in the times in between. It’s why we can’t tune out and stop doing the necessary work during the times that get less attention: success comes from steady efforts and long-term organizing, not all-at-once rushes.

“Off years are a figment of our imagination!” Run for Something cofounder Amanda Litman told POPSUGAR, noting that, in 2019, there were 85,000 elections across the country, and approximately the same number of state, local, and municipal races are happening in 2021. Plus, she says, “the outcome of the 2022 federal elections are dependent on the organizing we do in 2021.” Her organization, Run for Something, provides resources and support to progressive candidates across the country, especially in down-ballot races, to build a more robust progressive base and build more awareness within individual communities. One of their signature events, National Run for Office Day, is actually scheduled for Jan. 19 in 2021 — the day before the inauguration!

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