Wine expert says Grand Cru Chablis is best paired with a Big Mac

Would you like frites with that? Wine expert says £100 bottle of Grand Cru Chablis is best paired with a Big Mac

  • Wine expert Alexandra Price paired an Grand Cru Chablis with an unlikely food
  • She insisted her favourite food to pair with the tipple was a McDonald’s Big Mac
  • The bottle of wine costs diners up to £100, while the burger sets you back £3.29

Many gourmands might choose to pair an excellent Grand Cru Chablis with seared scallops or a nice fillet of turbot swimming in butter.

But one dish that a wine expert swears is the best food match for the tipple is unlikely to be found on the tasting menu of a Michelin-starred establishment – a McDonald’s Big Mac.

Alexandra Price, the head sommelier of London restaurant Bar Crispin, told trade journal Big Hospitality: ‘My favourite food and drink pairing? GC (Grand Cru) Chablis and a Big Mac.’

A premium bottle of the French dry white typically costs restaurant diners up to £100. 

Wine expert Alexandra Price (pictured) swears the best food match for the Grand Cru Chablis, which sets diners back £100 for a bottle, is the £3.29 McDonald’s Big Mac

The McDonald’s double-patty burger sets you back £3.29, or £4.79 with fries and a soft drink.

Miss Price said: ‘There’s just something quite naughty and decadent about pairing a good Chablis with a Big Mac. 

‘The high acid and mineral profile of Chablis seems to cut through the fattiness of the burger and turns something everyday into a special occasion.’

After working at Harrods, Miss Price, who is in her 20s, studied at London’s Wine and Spirit Education Trust before becoming manager and head sommelier at Bar Crispin.

The restaurant’s menu includes dishes such as pig’s head slice, anchovy focaccia and garlic ice cream. 

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