Woman, 22, gets bizarre 'spoiler' text from her bitter ex boyfriend revealing what happens at the end of the new Avengers movie

London-based poet Sandy G was running errands two weeks after a break-up when her unnamed ex texted her the gut-wrenching spoiler.

The one-line message simply explained that a character dies towards the end of the film.

Luckily Sandy had seen the film days earlier so was clued up about the shock twist.

She told UNILAD: "It ended between us about two weeks before he sent that and we hadn’t really spoken since. He randomly sent me that then blocked me so I couldn’t reply but I found it hilarious.

"I saw the movie a day before he sent that which is very lucky.

"He called me after and we started laughing and he said he did it because he wanted to annoy me but he’s not a malicious person.

"We are civil and he wanted more but I told him it’s completely over I want nothing further again.

"I liked the ones that found it funny but some people were annoyed at the ‘spoiler’.

"I wouldn’t say it’s a spoiler because technically that doesn’t happen, you have to watch it to kinda understand."

On Twitter, Sandy claimed she was "screaming" after reading the message, adding "if it was a movie I loved which I hadn’t seen I would have been soooo angry".

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