Woman becomes sober after boozy office party remarks almost get her sacked

A teacher who used to down three bottles of wine a night has kicked her 15-year habit after a disastrous Christmas party.

Pippa Head, 30, was told she might lose her dream job after offending her colleagues at last year’s works do.

She told her line manager he was useless, and said a good friend was overweight.

Pippa didn’t remember a thing, until a colleague texted her.

It was the final straw – and she hasn’t touched a drop since.

The geography teacher is speaking out now to urge others to seek help if they are struggling.

Pippa still has the moment it all went wrong etched into her memory.

She said: “When we got to the curry I was so drunk I insulted one guy so badly I can’t even think about it, and I offended everyone else. My friend ­texted the next morning to say she didn’t want to see me and that I might lose my job.

“The message said that my behaviour had been disgusting.

“I had tried to be in control and had failed – putting at risk something that really mattered to me.”

Pippa had started drinking aged 15 when she used it as a mask for her anxiety – and she kept on boozing into adulthood.

Amazingly, she was able to hide her drinking problem from friends and family in Epsom, Surrey, and hold down a career. But she was using an overdraft and credit cards to spend about £400 a week in the pub – on £30 bottles of wine and drinking two or three a night.

She explained: “People just accepted that’s who I was… they’d say, ‘That’s just Pippa, she gets really drunk at parties.’

“Some people were concerned, but mostly it was funny.”

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Just two days after the disastrous Christmas curry session, Pippa had arranged an appointment with a doctor and used the whole holiday to change her life.

Now she wants to help others who might be drinking to excess this festive season. She added: “Ask yourself what is your intention behind the heavy drinking? Why are you going to cane it at Christmas?

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“It’s not a merry Christmas when you have had too much, which is why the party ended so badly for me.

“My advice is if you can’t moderate, don’t drink at all. You can have a great Christmas without booze.

“There is loads of help out there, like the NHS, private, group and individual therapy. Find what works for you.”

See alcoholchange.org.uk or follow @SoberPippa on Instagram.

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