Woman burned alive in sick ‘revenge’ attack after fling with killer’s boyfriend

A couple have been found guilty of burning a young woman to death in a brutal murder.

Lauany Viodres do Padro and Leonardo Goncalves Cantieri have been sentenced to 13 years in jail for the cruel murder of 21-year-old shopkeeper Nubia Ribeiro.

Ribeiro was set on fire in the municipality of Franca in the south-eastern Brazilian state of Sao Paulo in 2017, with her partially-burned body found two days later in a rural area of neighbouring Patrocinio Paulista.

Ribeiro was last seen by friends or family, leaving a bar she had visited with pals.

The investigation into her death found that she was ambushed and murdered out of revenge after Padro discovered that her boyfriend, Cantieri, had had a brief relationship with the victim while the couple were separated.

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It is believed that on the day of the crime, Ribeiro met with Cantieri at Padro's request. Ribeiro drove to Cantieri's apartment and they left in his car.

Padro, who was hiding in the boot, jumped out onto the back seat en route and hit Ribeiro on the head with a blunt instrument, causing her to pass out.

The victim was taken to Neves' house and from there Neves took her in Cantieri's car to the place where the body was later found.
The unconscious young woman's head was struck again and Neves set her on fire at the destination.

An autopsy found that she had suffered a head injury and had been burned alive.

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However, numerous versions of the events were proffered at the trial, including multiple versions by the same defendants.

The couple, who had been held in preventive detention, were found guilty of doubly-qualified homicide and of hiding the body.

A third participant, Italo Vinicius Neves, a friend of the couple, was also found guilty of homicide and was sentenced to seven years and six months in prison.

During the trial, the jury heard from 14 people including the victim's mother Tania Aparecida Ribeiro who later told local media: "I expected the verdict, but the punishment was too little.

"Thirteen years in prison. They are the prime culprits. They'll remain jailed for just four or five years. I now see that our country's laws and punishments are worthless."

Only Cantieri confessed to the crime. Padro denied participation and Neves admitted to lesser participation but claimed he was unaware of the murder.

Rafael Souza Barbosa, Cantieri's lawyer, told local media that he respects the jury's decision.

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